Case Update – 12/05/11

Yesterday, Thursday 12th May, the two defendants of the Eagle Tavern Squatting Case (that occured on the 20th of last month) both pleaded not guilty and no plea to charges of ‘abstracting electricity without authority’ and ‘burglary – with intent to cause criminal damage’ at the Magistrates Court in Taunton, Somerset.

Much support was shown for the two South-West activists, also known as the ‘Taunton Two’, with people in and around the Taunton area waiting outside the court to show their solidarity. Family, friends and those concerned about the Squatting Movement in Taunton also showed their support as part of the public gallery.

The case has been adjourned for the Crown Court on July 7th, however there is a good chance it won’t get there due to lack of evidence; most of which has been made up or wrongly assumed. The case intends to raise awareness about the current Squatting scene in Taunton, and will hopefully gain even more support than has already been shown.

Thankyou to everyone who attended the court case, and supported the activists and the greater cause, especially those sporting the last-minute Bash Back! theme. We hope to maintain the current interest and support behind the Squatting movement in the South-West, and to continue spreading the increasing positivity!


About Taunton Squatters

Defending squatting in Taunton, Somerset
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