Court Case: The Eagle Tavern

Originally posted by Taunton Activist Collective:

A couple of us in Taunton were arrested for “abstract / use without authority electricity” after police used angle grinders to break in to The Eagle Tavern which had been re-squatted. One of us was inside the building, the other outside as a legal observer, but both were still arrested then further charged for “burglary other than dwelling – with intent to commit damage”.

The outsider didn’t answer any questions in interview, the insider gave mainly no comment, other than to explain that the intention was to squat the building – not to cause criminal damage or burglary. Both were held for approximately 16 hours.

Evidence they ‘have’ is lights being switched on and that a bolt was fixed onto a door amounting to criminal damage. We are currently talking to solicitors and organising for solidarity outside/inside court on the May 12th.

More news when it comes.


About Taunton Squatters

Defending squatting in Taunton, Somerset
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